Flexible & Innovative Data Backup Service in Malaysia

Aegis 1Price-Any-Technologies (1PAT)

Aegis 1PAT is a data backup service in Malaysia that provisions all backup technologies at a fixed price. This service empowers clients to own a perfect Cloud Disaster Recovery solution with the most flexible and attractive plan. In summary, Aegis 1PAT enables clients to subscribe to any  data backup technologies at a fixed recurring price. Aegis will continue to look out for new Cloud Backup & Replication software to stay relevant, innovative and competitive.

Aegis Product With 1PAT

Cloud Disaster Recovery (CDR)

A cloud backup/restore service powered by 1PAT, that caters for on-premise or cloud and equipped with complimentary unlimited DR resources.

Cloud Endpoint Backup (CEB)

A cloud backup service that targets client’s devices such as PCs and laptops.

Cloud Office 365 Backup (COB)

A cloud backup service that provides the ability to backup/restore client’s Office 365 data.

Cloud Production Environment (CPE)

A cloud hosting services that includes complimentary Disaster Recovery services with hourly virtual machine (VM) replication and daily backup with retention to the secondary site.

Aegis 1PAT Features

  • Provision of multiple backup solution and replication technologies at a single price tag
  • Change of technology at any time with no additional cost
  • Enable a mix of technologies for different Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) needs

Aegis 1PAT Benefits

  • Guarantees workability of backup technologies
  • Eases IT budget planning
  • Management of backup or DR solution by Aegis CDR
  • Relieve operations personnel from hours of repetitive, manual tasks associated with data backups
  • Eliminates backup or DR technology refreshment or enhancement

Join us for a seamless and cost-effective Cloud Disaster Recovery journey.

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