Flexible & Innovative Data Backup Service in Malaysia

Aegis 1Price-Any-Technologies (1PAT)

Aegis 1PAT is a data backup service in Malaysia that provisions all backup technologies at a fixed price. With Aegis 1PAT, we empower clients to own a robust cloud disaster recovery solution with flexible and attractive plans. For Aegis to remain relevant, innovative and competitive, we provide clients with the latest cloud data backup and replication software.

Why Choose Aegis's Data Backup Solutions

Grow your business in a secure infrastructure built solely for your enterprise. Scale your storage and equipment needs as your business expands, and run resource-intensive operations efficiently with dedicated cloud services.

Complete Reliability

Our data backup solutions feature two important data recovery objectives: Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). These objectives guide enterprises in choosing an optimal cloud backup and disaster recovery plan.

Data Protection

The primary reason for data backup is to have important files saved if your business’s system crashes or hard drive failure occurs. With our data backup solutions, your business data is protected from security risks.

Improved Productivity

With existing backed-up data, companies improve productivity by reducing wasted time. Archived files can be used in comparative studies of the past and present to devise a more effective plan.

Aegis Product With 1PAT

Cloud Disaster Recovery (CDR)

A cloud backup/restore service powered by 1PAT, that caters for on-premise or cloud and equipped with complimentary unlimited DR resources.

Cloud Endpoint Backup (CEB)

A cloud backup service that targets client’s devices such as PCs and laptops.

Cloud Office 365 Backup (COB)

A cloud backup service that provides the ability to backup/restore client’s Office 365 data.

Cloud Production Environment (CPE)

A cloud hosting services that includes complimentary Disaster Recovery services with hourly virtual machine (VM) replication and daily backup with retention to the secondary site.

Aegis 1PAT Features

  • Provision of multiple backup solution and replication technologies at a single price tag
  • Change of technology at any time with no additional cost
  • Enable a mix of technologies for different Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) needs

Aegis 1PAT Benefits

  • Guarantees workability of backup technologies
  • Eases IT budget planning
  • Management of backup or DR solution by Aegis CDR
  • Relieve operations personnel from hours of repetitive, manual tasks associated with data backups
  • Eliminates backup or DR technology refreshment or enhancement

Invest in Backup Software, Invest in the Future

Did you know that:

93% of companies that experienced data loss for a mere 10 days filed for bankruptcy in less than a year? (National Archives & Records Administration)

Up to 40% of SMEs managing their network on their own will be hacked, and over 50% will not even realise it? (Gartner Group)

More often than not, employees are unaware about recovering lost data in the face of disasters, most likely restarting or unplugging their systems. This step can be detrimental to appropriate data recovery.

The numbers speak for themselves, and it is an understatement to say that investing in Backup Software is an intelligent move in Malaysia.


Data loss can result from various incidents, including software failures, hardware failures, cyber threats, human error and natural disasters. Without a safety net for data restoration, your business could bear immeasurable brunt regarding business continuity, credibility and reputation.

An RTO is the targeted duration of time between the event of failure and the point where operations resume. An RPO is a maximum length of time permitted for data to be restored, which may or may not mean data loss. Learn more about RPO and RTO to strategise your disaster recovery strategy better.

A business cloud backup service provides backup and replication technologies to allow quick restoration and access during primary data failure. Aegis 1PAT offers clients a mix of backup technologies with different RTO and RPO needs without having to invest in backup software.

The frequency of data backup depends on the business’ data backup strategy. It is advisable for companies to back up their data every 24 hours, either manually or automatically.

With Aegis’s data backup solutions, companies can relieve operations personnel from hours of repetitive, manual tasks associated with performing data backups.

A cloud service provider is a third-party company that offers cloud computing and storage services according to business demands. Here is a comprehensive checklist to select the right one for your business.

Aegis is a cloud service provider in Malaysia offering multiple benefits in scalability and flexibility in backup and disaster recovery services.

Aside from not being limited to physical constraints of on-premises servers, businesses can ease IT budget planning and eliminate backup or DR technology enhancement.

Join us for a seamless and cost-effective Cloud Disaster Recovery journey.

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