Education Disaster Recovery and Data Protection in Malaysia

Cloud Servers Solution for the
Education Industry in Malaysia

Cloud Servers Solution for the Education Industry in Malaysia

The education industry in Malaysia is familiar with hosting multiple sites or campuses, which may cause difficulties when it comes to connecting back to HQ for data retrieval. On that account, Aegis aims to provide comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery with centralised cloud servers hosting, backup and disaster recovery plan for the education industry in Malaysia.

Aegis can assist the education industry in resolving various challenges:

  • Huge investments that come with setting up duplicate data centres at a secondary location/campus for DR purposes
  • Frequent phishing emails or malware attacks due to students or staff administrators’ insufficient knowledge and educationof cyber security
  • Inaccessibility of student portals, e-library, etc. when education servers are down
  • Employing IT personnel apt to handle backup and disaster recovery needs
  • Increased costs from additional hires 

Our Data Protection Solutions for the Education Industry in Malaysia

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Dependable restoration services catering to on-premise or cloud with complimentary unlimited DR resources, ensuring continued operations during disasters and reducing downtime

Managed Cloud Servers Hosting

We manage the operations, maintenance, and support of our clients in education, handling all their hosting, backup and DR needs.

Successful DR Drills

Leverage the expertise of our DR team with complimentary unlimited DR drills and DR seats throughout the year

Subscription-Based Services

Aegis 1Price-Any-Technologies (1PAT) provides cloud backup services that enables clients to utilize any backup technologies at a fixed price. No capital expenditure for servers, backup software, storage, network infrastructure, DR bandwidth, DR site, etc.

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