Data Protection Service for Seamless Business Continuity

Cloud Production Environment (CPE)

Aegis CPE is an efficient hosting service equipped with complimentary disaster recovery service with hourly virtual machine (Vm) replication and daily backup with retention to secondary site. A reliable enterprise data protection service and disaster recovery plan to minimise downtime.

We protect critical business data and software with our effective and proven solutions. With daily backup, we ensure data resiliency and uninterrupted hosting services. Our robust enterprise data recovery services can be done on-site or off-site, depending on your needs and budget.

Why Aegis CPE?

Low Commitment

1-year subscription only

Great Savings

Reduce expenditure on maintenance of hardware and software as it is inclusive in Aegis CPE services

No CapEx

No initial investment needed to own hosting infrastructure. Aegis CPE manages and maintains all hardware and software for data protection and recovery.

Pay as You Grow

With the option to upgrade at any time, clients can plan the budget for IT efficiently. The downgrading of Cloud Servers may be done after the current contract period

Aegis CPE Features

Secure and Scalable

Designed to make your cloud computing experience a breeze. With the freedom to configure the cloud requirement according to your needs that grow with you.

Data Sovereignty

We understand that some businesses require adherence to policies regulated by governing bodies. Laws commonly mandate that Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) must remain within the region of business operation. With CPE, our data protection service ensures that your data resides within the country; secured and protected.

Complete Managed Services

Aegis CPE is a 100% fully managed services which guarantees the functionality of client’s hosting, backup and DR services.

Join us for a seamless and cost-effective Cloud Disaster Recovery journey.

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