What can Aegis Cloud Disaster Recovery (CDR) Do for You?

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The usage of Cloud in business has now become a vital part of the New Normal. Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cloud is one business tool that has become an essential infrastructure. Being smart about the usage of cloud platforms and services can mean a significant deal, creating a difference between gaining a competitive edge and falling behind. However, businesses that do not possess a business continuity plan will face even greater business continuity risks. This includes business failure, tarnished reputation, and lost productivity which would ultimately lead to financial loss. Therefore, it is undeniably crucial for any business to implement a business continuity plan. Hence, the need for a Cloud Disaster Recovery solution.

What is Cloud Disaster Recovery (CDR)?

Put in simple terms, Cloud Disaster Recovery is akin to having insurance for your servers, against malware attack, data loss and any kinds of disaster. Cloud Disaster Recovery is a service that enables the backup and recovery of a cloud-based platform on remote servers. It stores and backs up selected files and data on a remote, third-party server so that the data can be recovered in cases where the files were to be lost or damaged.

Though most companies may have an off-site disaster recovery plan, a Cloud-based Disaster Recovery plan provides a more economical and efficient provider-managed platform. One of the most prominent Cloud Disaster Recovery Service Provider is Aegis.

Why Aegis Cloud Disaster Recovery (CDR)?

Although there are other cloud disaster recovery services available in the market, Aegis CDR is the most preferred as it combines cloud backup/restore service that caters for on-premise or cloud bundled with complimentary unlimited DR resources.

With Aegis CDR, you never have to worry about having no “Plan B” in the case where your business were to face with disaster. Aegis CDR equips you with Disaster Recovery Virtual Machines located remotely at Aegis CDR’s data centre, which consists of snapshots of your production servers. Therefore, if a disaster were to strike, you can activate DR Virtual Machines in minutes, allowing the business to resume its operations without any loss. As an added protective measure, Aegis CDR even provides dual Disaster Recovery sites to ensure DR infrastructure redundancy—the primary Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC1) being in Cyberjaya, while the secondary Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC2) being in Kuala Lumpur. With that said, that’s not all that makes Aegis CDR outstanding. Mentioned below are 3 key differentiators of Aegis’ CDR:

  1. Aegis 1Price-Any-Technologies (1PAT): A cloud backup service that licenses customers to utilise any backup technologies at a fixed price.
  2. Aegis Disaster Recovery As-A-Service (DRaaS): A disaster recovery service that is equipped with unlimited DR resources ready to be utilised by customers during DR declaration.
  3. Aegis Managed Service: A service that undertakes tasks such as operations, maintenance and support of customers’ backup and DR operations.
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What can Aegis Cloud Disaster Recovery Do for You?

Now that you have an idea of the key differentiators of Aegis CDR, you may be wondering what exactly it can do for you. Below are the benefits of Aegis CDR’s key differentiators:

1.   Aegis 1PAT

A cloud system that licenses clients to utilise any backup technologies at a fixed priced. The features and benefits of this cloud backup service are as follows: 

  • Aegis 1PAT provides the best mix of technologies that caters to different RTO and RPO requirements, which saves you from the need to purchase multiple different Backup Software. 
  • Aegis 1PAT guarantees the workability of your backup needs, 1PAT, which eliminates the need for you to commit to a Backup Software. 
  • Aegis 1PAT offers you only the latest technology without any limitations on only having a few options of Backup Software as Aegis 1PAT continuously explores for better technology. 
2.   Aegis DR as-a-Service (DRaaS)

A disaster recovery service with unlimited DR resources ready for the clients to utilise during DR declaration. The features and benefits of this disaster recovery service are as follows: 

  • Aegis DRaaS is complete with several unlimited services such as DR VM, DR vCPU, DR vRAM, DR Security, DR Drill, DR Bandwidth and DRIB, which would allow you to save cost on DR Software and Hardware. 
  • For Disaster Recovery drills, Aegis’ dedicated DR professionals offer full assistance, allowing you to save time and workforce as the DR drills provided by Aegis are a guaranteed success, which saves you from many hassles. 
  • You would also be able to save cost on the rental of DR seats as up to 30 pax of complimentary DR seats are hosted at Empire Tower, which also comes with the convenience of performing DR Drills in an office space equipped with office facilities.  
3.   Aegis Managed Service

A service that undertakes tasks such as operations, maintenance, and support of client’s backup and DR operations. The features and benefits of this service are as follows: 

  • Aegis Managed Service provides a fully managed Backup and Disaster Recovery service by outsourcing the Backup and Disaster Recovery operations tasks, which allows IT personnel to be more productive and efficient. 
  • Having more than ten years of experience in Cloud DR, Aegis Managed Service undertakes the operational backup and DR tasks that are infrequently performed by IT personnel while guaranteeing successful high data restore rates, which would ease your burden. 

Features of Aegis Cloud Disaster Recovery

In addition to that, Aegis Cloud Disaster Recovery also comes with unique features.

  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification: Aegis CDR is the first cloud disaster recovery service provider in Malaysia to be certified. Aegis CDR protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of backup data.
  • Disaster Recovery Certified Expert (DRCE) certification: Aegis CDR has obtained the highest level of certification in disaster recovery since 2012, with more than a decade of experience in Cloud Disaster Recovery.
  • Dual Disaster Recovery Site: Aegis CDR has two Disaster Recovery sites, where the secondary site is complimentary.
  • Aegis CDR Portal: A portal that consolidates all cloud backup software & storage in a centralised control centre which can be viewed and monitored at anytime, anywhere.
  • Unlimited DR Drills in a year: Unlimited drills are provided with the assistance of the dedicated Aegis DR drill team, and after the completion of the drill, the updated drill documentation will be provided for you too.
  • Proactive Monitoring: As Aegis’ systems monitor your data 24/7, you would not have to worry about the security and state of your data.

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Aegis Cloud Disaster Recovery is a solution that simplifies your cloud backup and disaster recovery needs, from Ransomware recovery, complete data protection, minimize server downtime to DR cost saving and business continuity.

With that, we have covered most of what Aegis Cloud Disaster Recovery has got to offer. For more information, do visit the official Aegis website and check out our DR solutions today!

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