Protecting Remote Users' business data is critical

Cloud Backup Service Malaysia

Aegis CEB is a comprehensive, automated backup solution for client’s endpoint devices and the data residing on them. This service is crucial to protect data against accidental deletions, overwriting, ransomware and other threats that are not covered by Microsoft’s backup and retention policies.

Why Aegis CEB?

Vulnerable Endpoint Data

Client’s critical business data is distributed across tens, hundreds and thousands of employee desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. While most companies lack the solution for this complex problem, Aegis CEB has the answer.

Limited Bandwidth

Bandwidth is a fixed resource for any business. Aegis CEB enables clients to backup at LAN speeds over an internal network and saves bandwidth.

Guarantees Workability

Aegis CEB guarantees 100% workability of backup needs that apply to any backup technology at a fixed recurring price.

Aegis CEB Feature

Simplified and scalable endpoint backup

Aegis Cloud Endpoint Backup serves as a comprehensive business cloud data protection that manages and protects data on all devices across your entire business. All with powerful, configurable backup technology.

Protect Your Data Today with Aegis CEB.

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