About Us

Leading Cloud Service Provider in Malaysia

Infinity Consulting Technology Sdn Bhd (ICT) was established in 2005 and began specialising as a Cloud Disaster Recovery Services in Malaysia since 2009. 

Aegis, the in-house brand of ICT, was formed in 2009, with the sole purpose to spearhead the Cloud Backup and Cloud Disaster Recovery service in Malaysia. With more than a decade of Cloud Disaster Recovery experience, Aegis’ focus is on delivering CDR service, thus making Aegis the veterans of today’s Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery provider in Malaysia with its headquarters located in Subang Jaya.

Throughout the years, Aegis CDR has empowered clients as a cloud service provider offering perfect backup, restore, replication and/or standby server for DR service and facilities at the most flexible and attractive plan. 

Aegis CDR is also the first subscription-based online Cloud Disaster Recovery service offered to clients who prefer to subscribe to Disaster Recovery as a service.

The Objective of Aegis

Reduce the need for organisations to invest and maintain their on-premise IT resources

Enable scalability to meet workload and user demands

Reduce the wastage of resources as clients only pay for the resources they use

Transform capital expenses to become operational expenses

Smarter and Reliable Cloud Service Provider in Malaysia

Aegis offers affordable protection for your on-premise data and production servers with 100% full recovery of data. It is a better alternative to the traditional data recovery method. Not only that, Aegis offers multiple platforms computing environment to organisations that wish to secure their business-critical data in a secure offsite location easily. With Aegis’ hassle-free maintenance and management cloud backup and disaster recovery, we give clients and organisations peace of mind for their backup and recovery needs.

Vision and Mission

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