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Veeam Data Platform

Delivering Modern Data Protection

Unlocking peace of mind with Aegis Disaster Recovery As-A-Service (DRaaS).

Aegis DRaaS, powered by Veeam offers you the reliability and replication features you need to keep your business ahead of challenges. Now, you can enjoy secure data protection and flexible failover without complexity. Eliminate the ramification of Ransomware attacks and enjoy instant data recovery with a simple, scalable and single platform designed for continuous availability.

Veeam Data Platform

Control, Safeguard and Recover Data Effortlessly

Accelerating time-to-value with Aegis Disaster Recovery-As-A-Service (DRaaS).

Powered by Veeam, Aegis DRaaS revolutionise backup and data protection to satisfy the requirements of today’s data-driven world. Driven with the aim to build a fail-safe environment for your valuable asset, Aegis DRaaS provides a promptly provisioned off-site backup and Disaster Recovery Services that are governed by ISO 27001 ISMS process and procedures to ensure data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

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One Platform, One Experience

Radically simplify backup and data protection into a single management plane.

Manage Workloads Between On-Premise
and Cloud

Aegis DRaaS ensures data robustness, regardless of where it is stored.
Not only that, but the software also offers off-site managed cloud backup, monitoring, management and scaling for optimum storage investments.

Seamless Orchestration and Automation

Get yourself ready for Ransomware attacks and recover your data both on-premises and in the cloud with minimal downtime. With Aegis DRaaS, you can recover with confidence through a more affordable and faster alternative to paying a ransom.

Integrated Continuous Data Protection

Aegis DRaaS prevents malicious tampering and automates backup verification to ensure your data is malware-free. Its BaaS and DRaaS offerings empower users by enabling them to gain control of their cloud data and keep their data protected and recoverable.

Disaster Recovery on Cloud

The software also provides automated disaster recovery processes that cater to your protection needs. Aegis DRaaS delivers disaster recovery services so you can stay resilient in any scenario, from various workloads that run on-premises to essential data sprawl in the cloud and at home offices.

Veeam Cloud Service Provider

Aegis Cloud: Platinum VCSP in Malaysia

See what sets Aegis apart.

Charge Based on Cloud Backup Storage Capacity​

Aegis DRaaS delivers a specially designed subscription plan with various attractive and affordable packages to choose from. No hidden cost of installation, data migration, Egress or Ingress traffic charges.

Aegis DR-As-A-Service (DRaaS)

Aegis DRaaS is a disaster recovery service that is equipped with complimentary unlimited DR resources ready to be utilised by the client during DR declaration.
Complimentary Unlimited DR Resources include:

Aegis Managed Service

100% Cloud Managed Services tailored to undertake tasks such as operations, maintenance and support of client’s backup and DR operations.

ISO 27001 ISMS certified

As Malaysia’s prominent Cloud Disaster Recovery Service Provider, we strive to ensure our products and services are aligned with the best practices. The ISO 27001 ISMS certification is the assurance that we provide reliable and robust solutions for our clients.

Awards & Recognitions

One Platform, One Experience

Radically simplify backup and data protection into a single management plane.


Veeam Gold Cloud Service Provider


1st Platinum Veeam Status Cloud Service Provider in Malaysia


Veeam Platinum Cloud Service Provider


Veeam Platinum Cloud Service Provider

Helping Resellers Overcome Challenges

With robust, effective collaboration with Aegis.

Increasing Operating Costs

Employee turnover contributes to increased operational costs.

Coping with Market Competition

Presently, IT consultant firms are growing by the day. Business transformations and adapting to digitalisation are essential for business growth. Hence, it is crucial to partner with reliable Cloud Service Providers to expand the value of your portfolio.

Keeping Up with Industry Trends

With the rapid transformation of IT environments, there is increased uncertainty about the right technology, people, and skills.

Insufficient Reseller Training

Poor communication with business partners may lead to poor knowledge retention, lack of product understanding and reduced prospects.

Reseller Conflict

A Reseller Agreement detailing data protection, confidentiality and responsibilities clauses, with terms in black and white, is essential. This helps to build trust and set expectations between resellers and Cloud Service Providers.

Widening of Skill Gap

As the looming skills gap and skills shortage grows, it may be difficult to engage the right talent.

Why Partner with Aegis

As resellers delivering Veeam-powered solutions.

Success-Driven Partnership Synergy

We offer lasting strategic value with consulting and guidance in regards to backup & DR. Aegis’ expert team will also help in the implementation and support of cloud infrastructure and more.

Seamless Customer Experience

We provide advanced infrastructure behind your operations so you can provide the best possible services to customers and enhance customer retention. 

Trusted Cloud Service Provider

With over a decade of cloud backup and DR experience, partners can market their brand as a pioneer cloud backup and DR service provider.

Drive Demand with Market-Ready Kits

Gain access to sales and marketing resources and training to successfully market and expand sales opportunities. We also provide backup DR tender specifications templates for partners.

Supported by Highly Skilled DR Cloud Professionals

Our trained DR experts offer partners sales and technical training as well as support services for your unique business requirements.

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Make sure your data is well-protected anywhere and everywhere.

Simplifying Data Protection and Backup
at Scale

Try it for yourself at our pricing tables, where you can customise pricing options to your business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Both DRaaS and BaaS work together to deliver holistic data protection and recovery.

With DRaaS, Aegis replicates and transfers the business’ computer processing to its cloud infrastructure as a means of disaster management. As such, the business can continue its operation regardless of the condition of its original IT infrastructure.

In contrast, BaaS entails the protection of data rather than infrastructure. For BaaS, Aegis duplicates the business’ data at regular, planned intervals to ensure sustainable retention.
Veeam backup and Veeam recovery offer you the utmost confidence that your data is protected and can be quickly recovered across all platforms and environments. By engaging with a Veeam service provider like Aegis, businesses can enjoy reliable ransomware protection and robust data security.
Veeam backup enables businesses to unlock their data’s full potential. With Veeam backup, you can expect:

  • 50% costs reduction for data backup and recovery operations
  • 55% more reliable data protection teams
  • 19% lower storage costs
  • 83% less lost productivity time due to data loss
DRaaS is an excellent choice if you want fast disaster recovery with minimal downtime. Meanwhile, you should opt for BaaS if you want a proven method for protecting valuable data over the internet. Having said that, DRaaS and BaaS work best together.

Bear in mind that any business that collects data must be equipped with a secure and well-designed data backup and recovery strategy. Failure to do so will not only cause severe data loss but also pose significant damage to the business’s reputation. As such, opting for Veeam support is highly encouraged as it enables a business to grow with its needs.

Aside from the obvious benefits of Veeam’s DRaaS and BaaS services, namely protecting critical data from threats, performing seamless backup strategy and providing fast disaster recovery, they also enhance your business continuity assurance.

Veeam backup enables professionals to concentrate on what matters and create innovative business strategies to ensure the livelihood of their business. For more information, feel free to download Veeam’s ebook on how DRaaS and BaaS deliver strategic value.

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