Secure Cloud Backup Service
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Cloud Universal Backup (CUB)

Aegis Cloud Universal Backup (CUB) is a cloud backup service that integrates with existing backup software to provision off site backup bundled with complimentary unlimited DR resources.

Aegis CUB provides a fast and secure way to backup and replicate client’s on-premise data to Aegis’ cloud.

Aegis CUB empowers any backup software on-premise clients to leverage on Aegis cloud’s disaster recovery services and privileges

Why Aegis CUB?

Low Commitment

1-year subscription only

No CapEx

No capital expenditure for hardware, software, storage, network, etc

Flexibility and Availability

Delivers availability for all types of cloud, virtual and physical workloads


A simple, flexible and reliable backup, recovery and replication of all your applications and data

Aegis CUB Feature

Backup offsite capability

Backup your on-premise data to Aegis Cloud with Free Unlimited Disaster Recovery Resources

A taste of simplicity with Aegis Cloud Universal Backup

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