Cloud Disaster Recovery (CDR)

Aegis CDR is a cloud backup/restore service, powered by Aegis 1PAT, that caters for on-premise or cloud and equipped with complimentary unlimited disaster resources.

Aegis CDR puts your mind at ease with warm Disaster Recovery Standby Virtual Servers at a remote site. Aegis CDR also provides dual Disaster Recovery sites to ensure infrastructure redundancy. Aegis CDR’s primary Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC1) is in Cyberjaya while the secondary Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC2) is in Kuala Lumpur.

Types of Aegis CDR

Why Aegis CDR?

Low Commitment

1-year subscription only

Great Savings

Save more compared to conventional DR strategies

Flexibility & Scalability

Able to restore and replicate for different systems and RTO needs

Storage-based Subscription

Easy budget planning with storage-based subscription that is upgradeable at any time

No CapEx

No capital expenditure for hardware,  software, storage, network, etc.

Aegis CDR Features

Dual DR site

Two DR sites with the secondary site complimentary.

Complete Managed Services

100% fully managed service, which includes patch management, DR declaration, on-demand backup, restore and replicate.

Proactive Monitoring

24/7 monitoring by Aegis systems.

Responsive Call Centre

24/7 Aegis Cloud Disaster Recovery Call Support Centre for any issues or enquiries.

Unlimited DR Drill in a year

Unlimited Drills with the assistance of dedicated Aegis DR drill team. After completion of DR drill, Aegis DR drill team will provide clients with an updated DR drill documentation.

Dedicated DR drill team

Dedicated DR drill personnel to assist in DR drills.

Complimentary Unlimited Cloud DRaaS Resources

Free DR VM, DR vCPU, DR vRAM, DR Security, DRIB, DR drills, DR bandwidth and managed services.

Health Check

We will  perform complementary yearly on-site health check. After completion of the health check, Aegis DR team will provide a report to clients.

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