Microsoft 365 Backup Malaysia Solution for Enterprises

Cloud Office 365 Backup (COB)

Aegis COB is a comprehensive business solution allowing backup and restoration of Microsoft Office 365 data, which includes Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft OneDrive from Office 365 cloud to Aegis cloud.

Why Aegis COB?

Trusted Microsoft 365 Backup in Malaysia

Safeguard Office 365 Data

Aegis COB protects clients’ Office 365 data from accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps

Quick Data Recovery

Aegis COB quickly restore individual Office 365 items and files with industry-leading recovery flexibility

Legal Requirements

Aegis COB meets legal and compliance requirements with Office 365 backup

Backup and Retention

Aegis COB runs scheduled backup automatically once per day

Complete Office Protection

Aegis COB protects the entire Office 365 suite, including SharePoint, OneDrive, Email and Teams

Aegis COB Feature

Unlimited cloud backup storage

Aegis Cloud Office 365 Backup (COB) provides Office 365 users with the capability to backup with unlimited Cloud Backup storage to Aegis Cloud.


While Microsoft Office 365 Malaysia does not retain data unless manually deleted, it is in no way considered as a data backup or recovery solution. Moreover, the Office 365 retention policy does not specify how the restoration process would be. Chances are, there’s no guarantee of a complete and speedy recovery of lost data. Read more about it here.

Yes, if you wish to manage and restore data remotely and quickly. Microsoft does not guarantee successful data restoration because recoverability is not a priority in their service-level agreement. Microsoft only provides SLA for application availability. On the other hand, Aegis COB offers users convenient backup, monitoring, and ‘forever’ retention without relying on IT workers to perform routine tasks. Read more about the limitations of Microsoft’s retention policies here.

Once you delete a file intentionally or unintentionally, it moves to the Hidden Deleted Items folder, where it will be permanently irretrievable after 30 days. Users cannot manually modify retention tags, as each Office 365 solution has its own rules for retention policies to maintain. 

Aegis COB allows backup and restoration of Office 365 data in Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Exceed Expectations with Aegis Cloud Office 365 Backup.

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