A Checklist for Selecting the Right Backup Software and Backup Service Provider

Backup Software and Backup Service Provider

In the business world, your data is crucial. Therefore, it’s vital that you backup all your data and be able to restore it in the case of accidents or disasters. However, bear in mind that it’s also vital that you choose the right backup software for the process mentioned earlier so it’s best to have a helpful checklist.

When choosing the right backup software, you’ll need to consider a few points, which are:

  • Whether the software is capable of handling heterogeneous platform;
  • If the implementation process is complicated;
  • Whether your backed-up data can be successfully restored according to your backup strategy;
  • Whether you’ll get the right help during emergency situations.

Hence, you will need to really put the points mentioned above into consideration when selecting the right backup software. You may also consider outsourcing this task to a backup service provider who can help you anytime, even during an event of a crisis. To assist you in making the best decision, read our checklist for backup software.

Making the Right Choice

Today’s article is all about helping you choose the right backup service provider and backup software which meets your backup needs. Read on to know what the key points are in choosing one:

Understand your backup service provider well
  • Ensure that your backup service provider has a good reputation, with years of proven success in providing backup solution to customers.
  • Ensure that your backup service provider has a wide range of clientele.
    • With over a decade of cloud backup and disaster recovery experience, Aegis has garnered more than 200 over cloud backup & DR customers nationwide.
  • Ensure that your backup service provider complies with recognised industry standards and adherence to industry best practices.
    • Aegis has obtained the Disaster Recovery Certified Expert (DRCE) certification in 2012. Aegis is also ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) certified since 2019.
Backup Service Provider
Understand the backup service provider’s technology and offerings

Before deciding on any backup software to use for your company; you should:

  • Be aware of the kind of technology that your backup service provider uses.
    • Aegis includes all the technologies used on our official website such as Veeam, Asigra, Carbonite, Commvault, ShadowProtect and will continue to explore other available backup software in the market.
  • Choose backup software that works with your applications, operating systems and fulfilling your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).
    • Aegis has the flexibility and scalability you need. Aegis has the best mix of backup technologies for different RPO and RTO requirements.  By engaging Aegis’ services, you are not required to purchase or invest in multiple backup technologies to cater to different needs.
  • Select backup software that is capable of adapting to a heterogeneous environment.
    • Aegis can accommodate your business needs by guaranteeing workability of backup software towards any systems, applications and databases.
    • Aegis provides the ability to use any latest technology at any time with no investment impact.
  • Consider backup software that allows integration with endpoint devices such as smartphones, laptops and desktops that includes administration and monitoring tools.
  • Decide on backup software that allows encryption of your backup data.
    • Aegis’ backup software serves data protection for its users. All data will be securely encrypted with AES-256 encryption before backing up to the cloud.
Understand the backup service provider’s implementation, support and managed services
  • Ensure that the backup software is easy to set up and manage.
    • Aegis provides fully managed backup and disaster recovery services. Aegis undertakes tasks such as operations, maintenance and support of backup and disaster recovery operations. With more than 10 years of experience, Aegis guarantees smooth implementation, successful restore rates and proactive monitoring.
  • Many prefer a backup service provider that provides support 24/7
    • Aegis provides unlimited onsite, phone and email support either from 8 to 5 or 24/7
    • Aegis’ disaster recovery call centre is available 24/7

Well, that concludes the checklist for backup software for today. The points, as mentioned earlier, are what you should always keep in mind when choosing a backup service provider and backup software. Remember, it’s not just about backing up and restoring your data, there’s so much more to it!

Interested in finding a cloud backup provider who checks all the above boxes and makes your job easier? Aegis provides quality service and support, incentivised reseller programmes, highly secure data centres and more. Feel free to learn more about Aegis’ extensive offerings.

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