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Business Disaster Recovery Services in Malaysia

A proven disaster recovery service and backup solution for business continuity in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

Cloud Disaster Recovery (CDR)

A cloud backup/restore service powered by 1PAT, that caters for on-premise or cloud and equipped with complimentary unlimited DR resources.

Cloud Universal Backup (CUB)

A cloud backup service that integrates with existing backup software to provision off site backup bundled with complimentary unlimited DR resources.

Cloud Office 365 Backup (COB)

A cloud backup service that provides the ability to backup/restore client’s Office 365 data.

Cloud Endpoint Backup (CEB)

A cloud backup service that targets client’s devices such as PCs and laptops.

Cloud Production Environment (CPE)

A cloud hosting services that includes complimentary Disaster Recovery services with hourly virtual machine (VM) replication and daily backup with retention to the secondary site.

About Us

Infinity Consulting Technology Sdn Bhd (ICT) was established in 2005, with its headquarters in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. The business started with a humble beginning of managing clients’ online backup.

In 2009, ICT began specialising in Cloud Disaster Recovery (CDR) Services. To create a brand identify to ICT’s CDR Services, Aegis was formed.

Aegis’ ultimate objective is to spearhead cloud disaster recovery in Malaysia with simplified and cost-effective Cloud DR solutions.

With over a decade of disaster recovery experience, Aegis offers effective business cloud backup and recovery services with standby DR servers at flexible and attractive plans.

As a result, Aegis today is a veteran Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery service provider in Malaysia.

Why Aegis

Protect Your Data

Aegis’s Disaster Recovery As-A-Service (DRaaS) ensures high-security levels to protect the business system from natural or human-made disasters such as ransomware attacks, hardware failures, earthquakes and floods.

Downtime Is Not an Option

We utilise our expertise and innovative technologies to create a custom disaster recovery plan for your enterprise. By incorporating server and storage virtualisation, data duplication and network bandwidth optimisation, Aegis provides simplified, cost-effective business cloud backup services in Malaysia.

Trust Our Experts

Cloud disaster recovery in Malaysia can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming. Our specialists can design disaster recovery solutions to enable your enterprise to meet its data availability requirements easily. As a result, our team prioritise your data recovery while ensuring the lowest possible risk.

Business Continuity Planning

Developing your business continuity planning might sound tedious, but it is vital. Fortunately, your business continuity journey can be made easier with Aegis. We offer continuity plans to help your business operate at full capacity during an emergency.

Our Technology

Veeam Disaster Recovery


As your business grows, it is best to adopt cloud technology to store your backup files securely and safely.

Developing a cloud strategy begins with outlining your needs to decide what cloud model can satisfy your business objectives.

One of the major advantages of working with a cloud service provider is that they handle your data transition for you. However, having some IT expertise in-house is helpful for a smooth transition.

Migrating workloads from one cloud to another is a lengthy and costly process. It is recommended to consult an expert, like Aegis, for a seamless cloud migration process.

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