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Comprehensive Data Protection for Today's Digital World

Can you ensure the safety of your data? And do you have the ability to quickly restore it whenever required? If not, Aegis Offsite Backup, powered by Veeam, is the solution to your data backup monitoring and orchestration needs.

A reliable and secure offsite backup solution, you can seamlessly expand your existing on-premise backup infrastructure into Aegis Cloud.

It allows for greater flexibility and protection for your data, with the added benefit of quick and easy restoration in case of data loss or system failures.

Why Back Up with Aegis Cloud?

Uncomplicated Pricing

Offsite backup with Aegis is more efficient and affordable. With our ‘pay-as-you-grow’ subscription model, you only pay for the cloud backup storage you use, with no additional hardware or complex setups required.

No Upfront Costs

A 100% subscription model with zero upfront costs and no hidden charges.

Aegis Offsite Backup Subscription

No. of Virtual Machines
Cloud Backup Storage
Retention Storage

Unlimited Data Backup & Restoration

Back up and restore your data as often as you need without any additional costs.

Complete Managed Service

Aegis Cloud is your reliable Disaster Recovery Orchestrator. A fully-managed service, it is tailored to meet a business’s backup and disaster recovery needs, from operations and maintenance to data backup and troubleshooting.

30 Days Free Trial

Try Aegis Offsite Backup solution for free and discover how simple it is to extend your existing on-premise backup infrastructure into the cloud.

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