Why Outsourcing Backup Improves Business Success?

Why Outsourcing Backup Improves Business Success

It’s challenging being a business owner who has to lead and make the right decisions. Often, small and medium-sized enterprises don’t see the need to allocate a budget for IT purposes, let alone outsourcing backup. 

Appointing the in-house tech-savvy guy to supervise the entire disaster recovery infrastructure is not the most secure of policies; even you must know that. SMEs, especially, tend to underestimate the drawbacks of not having top-tier IT professionals in place and the benefits to reap.

So, let us review how engaging a third-party expert can improve success rates. You may then assess for yourself if outsourcing is likely to work in your favour. Spoiler alert: it will!

#1 Eliminates Distractions From Profitable Goals

As upstart businesses start expanding, more issues that detract attention from primary goals that yield profit arise, i.e. budget management and contract negotiations. The IT department cannot maximise productivity if they’re preoccupied with trivial tasks like maintaining and troubleshooting daily backup jobs.

Designating backup job monitoring duties to an employee means that backup issues become a gratuitous component of routine oversight. In contrast, Aegis’ Fully Managed Service provides proactive support in maintaining your critical data backup and Disaster Recovery operations.

You can prioritise business strategies as a team through outsourcing for backup matters. After all, your vision is what drives the company; don’t let corrigible matters fog up your focal point.

#2 Improves IT Operations Efficiency

In this digitalised age, the reality is that your organisation’s IT operations never take a sick day, unlike employees. What happens if the person-in-charge isn’t available during a crucial productivity cycle, and your IT operations begins to glitch? Can you afford to have downtime? Should you have to?

Simple: you don’t. Bring your desired efficiency to full fruition sooner rather than later by implementing 24/7 managed IT services with an experienced contractor. Aegis’s Fully Managed Services covers proactive monitoring of backup 24/7 by Aegis systems, ad hoc backup and restore needs, unlimited onsite, remote, phone and email support, activation of Disaster Recovery Standby Servers and unlimited DR drills.

Moreover, incidents will occur less frequently due to the high-level maintenance you can only receive through outsourcing. 

Improves IT Operations Efficiency

#3 Reduces Risk of Security Breaches and Financial Losses

According to reports in 2018, around 100 infectious security threats were developed daily, contributing to business risk that resulted in significant financial losses worth billions. A common misconception by SMEs is that only large corporations are prone to these breaches. Understandably so, since it’s these big industry players that garner heavy media coverage. 

However, most cyber thieves target SMEs. Their vulnerability and subpar defences make them prone to such attacks. By outsourcing your backup to Aegis, your backup data is safe. With Aegis’ ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) policies in place and its years of experience being a reputable Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery service provider, Aegis governs confidentiality, integrity and availability of backup data. Besides that, Aegis follows a systemic approach to identify and manage security risks to ensure information is secure. Ultimately, to protect valuable backup data.

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#4 Keeps Technology Cutting-Edge

There is a reason businesses are switching their preference from purchasing perpetual backup licenses to subscribing backup licenses. Perpetual backup license means long term commitment to backup software. Without active maintenance from the backup software provider, you will not receive software updates. You are stuck with the backup software until you can account for its depreciation over time. 

Ease your concerns about choosing the wrong backup solution, as Aegis 1Price-Any-Technologies (1PAT) offers all backup technologies at a fixed price. With over a decade’s worth of cloud backup and DR experience, our reputable team of experts are here to take the responsibilities off you. 

If you’re worried about the Total Cost of Ownership, don’t! Aegis is a 100% subscription cloud backup and DR service provider, equipped with complimentary unlimited DR resources to be utilised. So, feel free to explore our full set of secure backup and managed services.

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