Why choosing a local cloud DR provider is better than global cloud DR provider?

Global Cloud DR

Nowadays, as cloud servers multiply for users and become more popular, deciding between a local and international cloud disaster recovery (DR) provider is no straightforward task. Large global cloud DR providers are now easily accessible, offering more affordable services and credibility in the brand name. Consequently, this may end up driving out smaller local cloud DR providers from the industry.

However, there are many things that local cloud DR providers offer that global providers can’t replicate.


Local cloud DR providers may not be able to match the low prices of global cloud DR providers. However, the attractive prices offered by the latter are often due to cuts in their services. For example, your data will not be automatically encrypted in the cloud by some global cloud DR providers, unless you pay an additional fee for this essential service. Some even charge extra to restore your data, too.

End destination of data

Understandably, some companies require their data to be in storage within their own countries due to compliance issues. With global cloud DR providers, their data centres are located across various countries, which means your data will be replicated and stored in multiple countries as well. Consequently, the gross volume of data stored makes them primary targets of cyberattacks. With local cloud DR providers, at least you know the data centres are located within Malaysia. It also mitigates vulnerability to hackers.

Local Cloud DR Servers

Importance of data sovereignty

With global cloud DR providers, storing your data across multiple countries can complicate things when facing legal disputes. Some sectors, such as government agencies and legal and accounting firms, require data to be within Malaysia. Choosing a local cloud provider can avoid such data sovereignty implications, as they are bound by Malaysia’s laws and regulations.

Support is available locally

Having a local cloud DR provider will ensure that support is readily available when needed. In case the need for emergency response arises, you do not have to wait longer due to the different time zones of global vendors. If you are facing difficulties in troubleshooting, for example, you can get the required assistance in a timely manner from local cloud DR provider.

Excellent customer service

Due to their smaller customer base, local cloud DR providers can offer a higher quality of customer service. Global providers, on the other hand, usually have such a large number of customers that they can’t match the same level of attention. During emergencies, local cloud DR providers will be able to be on-site at the shortest time to assist. Since their data centres are located within Malaysia, they can reach your backup data faster, and restoration will be quicker, compared to restoring your backup data from the cloud.

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Cheaper and faster data transport 

As opposed to global cloud DR providers, some local cloud DR providers grant customers with free unlimited backup and DR bandwidth.

Customisable service offerings

Services offered by global cloud DR providers are generally one-size-fits-all that aim to cover everyone with a more generic service. This might not be right for everyone. Businesses with more precise needs can explore customisation with local cloud DR providers that adeptly tailor to their specific needs.

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