Why ISO 27001 Accreditation is Crucial When Selecting a Managed Service Provider

Why ISO 27001 Accreditation is Crucial When Selecting a Managed Service Provider

After watching The Great Hack documentary, it’s spine-chilling to think how easy it is to weaponise our data against us. The amount of data produced each day from IoT and other technologies is insurmountable, yet its safety is arbitrary.

If tech giants like Facebook are not unassailable from cybersecurity breaches, what about your corporation’s information security? With remote working models cementing their place in the business world, large-scale cyberattacks are growing more creative and frequent.

The documentary also showed us how complex securing data and applications is, much to our chagrin. These unpredictable threats to significant business disruption have turned many companies towards partnerships with a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

However, choosing the appropriate provider is critical in mitigating information security gaps. Given that your MSP will have complete access to highly confidential data, you would want to ensure it abides by stringent Information Security Management System (ISMS) governance.

ISO 27001, in particular, is a vendor-neutral, gold standard for any cybersecurity framework. This accreditation’s specific purpose is to identify whether your information is secure, regardless of format.

What is ISO 27001 Accreditation?

Known as the International Organisation for Standardisation, ISO was established to help people understand the optics behind doing business with other organisations. ISO 27001 then aids in analysing an InfoSec management system or the policies and procedures surrounding sensitive data.

ISO 27001’s guidelines do not align with specific industry sectors, covering all IT systems, including cloud hosting environments. Its broad framework makes it possible for implementation across all organisations.

What is ISO 27001 Accreditation

Why Choose an ISO 27001 Accredited Managed Service Provider?

Working with an ISO 27001 certified provider ensures the best practices for governance, risk management, business continuity, and regulatory compliance. Equally as important, you would know how your data is stored and managed.

Moreover, partnering with an ISO 27001 MSP brings an arsenal of advantages, such as:

  • Confidentiality through limited unauthorised access and disclosure only to authorised users.
  • Integrity by safeguarding data from malicious or unapproved alteration.
  • Availability and prevention of corporate data loss or downtime that endangers your business.

In Conclusion

Since ISO 27001 certification necessitates that an organisation’s entire security program undergo an external audit each year, it’s an excellent way to identify vulnerabilities and protect your intellectual property. After all, cybercrime tactics and hackers are not waiting for you to catch up.

Considering the sophisticated methods that cybercriminals continue to mastermind, there is no guarantee to eliminate security breaches completely. However, employing an ISO 27001-accredited MSP can help challenge and minimise these threats without worrying about legal implications.

Aegis has been an ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified Managed Service Provider since 2019. The entire Aegis’ backup and disaster recovery process and procedures are governed by ISO 27001 ISMS. Our cloud hosting, backup and disaster recovery services can deliver efficiency, reduce customer server downtime and execute disaster recovery plans for business continuity when disasters strike.

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