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After more than a year and several different variants of Movement Control Orders, the entire nation has entered into a third round of MCO.

During this time of crisis, our Aegis Cloud Endpoint Backup (CEB) and Aegis Cloud Office 365 Backup (COB) are here to combat COVID-19 pandemic together with you.

Yes, I want to help my organisation prevent data loss.

Protect Endpoint Data

Remote workforces face many IT challenges. Protecting critical business data on endpoints should not be one of them.

With Aegis CEB, organisations have complete confidence they can back up data on their laptops and desktops and recover it easily after any data loss event.

How endpoint data is vulnerable

Endpoint vulnerabilities

Endpoint data is vulnerable to theft, user error, hardware failures and ransomware

Loss and theft

Confidential business data kept in endpoint devices is at risk when device is missing, causing possible data breach.

User error

According to a 2018 Harris Poll, only 6% of laptops are backed up daily and nearly one in four have never been backed up.


According to Osterman Research, 60% of attacks impact endpoint data.

Aegis Cloud Endpoint Backup

Designed for the needs of today’s businesses

Remote workforces

Know where your data is at all times with Geo-tracking

Stolen devices

Stop data loss with remote wipe (poison pill) and restore the data on another device.

Customised security

Meet your organisation's specific backup and recovery requirements.

Aegis CEB advanced features

Easy deployment

Automated, silent, centralized installation and operation, secure over public and private networks.

Global deduplication

Reduces backup-related WAN traffic by up to 98% during business hours.

Advanced administrative control

Legal hold invisible to end users; admin-driven restore functionality.

Secure protection

256-bit AES encryption in motion and at rest, and mitigation features like global location tracking, and remote data wipe.

Policy-controlled backups

Create and deploy policies to back up as frequently as every minute.

Incremental restore

Restore only new or changed files. Ideal for recovering from ransomware and performing device migration.

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Backup and recovery for
Office 365 data

Microsoft 365 provides powerful services within Office 365 – but a comprehensive backup of your Office 365 data is not one of them.

Aegis COB eliminates the risk of losing access and control over your Office 365 data so that your data is always protected and accessible.

Aegis Cloud Office 365 Backup

Aegis COB gives you the power to securely backup Office 365 to any location:

Complete Office Protection

Aegis COB protects the entire Microsoft 365 suite, including SharePoint, OneDrive, Email and Teams

Quick Data Recovery

Aegis COB quickly restore individual Microsoft 365 items and files with industry-leading recovery flexibility

Legal Requirements

Aegis COB meets legal and compliance requirements with Microsoft 365 backup

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