Top 5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs SaaS Backup

A robust SaaS backup strategy is essential as businesses increasingly rely on software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms for their operations.

These platforms, such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce, provide essential services that streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

While SaaS platforms offer numerous benefits, the business itself is responsible for data protection. This article will examine the reasons why it is crucial for companies to have a robust SaaS backup strategy in place.

Human Error

Firstly, human error remains one of the leading causes of data loss within organisations. Employees may accidentally delete important files, emails, or accounts, causing significant disruptions.

Simple mistakes, such as mistakenly downloading a malicious attachment or clicking on a phishing link, can compromise critical data.

SaaS platforms, while robust, cannot distinguish between intentional and unintentional actions. Once data is deleted or altered, it may be gone for good unless a backup exists.

Limited Retention Policies

Furthermore, SaaS applications often come with limited data retention policies, which can pose a risk to data security. For example, Microsoft 365 retains deleted items for a maximum of 180 days, after which the data is permanently removed.

Similarly, Google Workspace automatically deletes items in the trash folder after 30 days, making data recovery impossible after this period.

Relying solely on SaaS providers’ retention policies can lead to permanent data loss. This underscores the need for an independent backup solution to ensure data availability and recoverability.

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Programmatic Errors

In addition, programmatic errors, also known as sync errors, frequently occur when integrating multiple SaaS applications.

These errors can cause data corruption or loss, affecting the integrity of your business information. Such errors are often inadvertent but can have significant consequences, disrupting workflows and potentially leading to permanent data loss if not addressed promptly.

Having a dedicated SaaS backup solution helps safeguard against these errors by providing a reliable way to restore data to its original state.

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Malicious Insider Activity

Malicious Insider Activity for SaaS Backup
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Moreover, employees with malicious intent pose a significant threat to data security. Disgruntled or rogue employees can intentionally delete or alter critical business data, bypassing standard security measures.

Since these insiders have legitimate access to your SaaS platforms, they can easily inflict damage that can be difficult to detect and reverse.

Hence, it is important to implement a comprehensive SaaS backup strategy so that your business can quickly recover lost or compromised data and maintain operational integrity even in cases of malicious activity.

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Moreover, cyberattacks, including ransomware and phishing, are becoming increasingly sophisticated and frequent.

In 2022, organisations around the world experienced approximately 493.33 million ransomware attempts.

Yet, cybercriminals never stopped developing new ways to breach through defences, making it critical for businesses to have robust and modern data protection measures in place.

SaaS backups provide an essential layer of security, enabling businesses to restore data quickly and efficiently following a cyberattack, thereby minimising downtime and financial loss.

Additional Benefits of SaaS Backup

Besides mitigating data loss risks, a SaaS backup offers several additional benefits. It helps businesses comply with industry regulations by ensuring data is securely stored and easily recoverable.

A SaaS backup is also often more cost-effective than traditional data recovery methods. It reduces the need for extensive on-premise infrastructure and specialised IT staff.

Other than that, having a backup solution in place ensures continuous access to critical data, enhancing business resilience and operational efficiency. Redundancy in data storage is vital, even in the cloud, to protect against unforeseen events and ensure business continuity.

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Secure Your Business Continuity with Aegis

To conclude, the importance of SaaS backup cannot be overstated. It is essential for protecting business-critical data and ensuring continuity in the face of various threats.

Businesses should proactively implement robust SaaS backup solutions to safeguard their data and operations.

Reach out to Aegis today to explore our tailored SaaS backup solutions designed to meet your business needs.

As a cloud service provider, Aegis covers everything from data backup to Microsoft Office 365 backup in Malaysia. Discover how our comprehensive backup services can safeguard critical data and support business continuity efforts.

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