Reality Check: Time to ask these hard questions to your current Backup / DR provider

Time to ask these hard questions to your current Backup DR provider

At a certain point, you may be compelled to ask yourself: have I settled for mediocre IT support? Outsourcing your IT management means transferring the responsibilities of monitoring, maintaining, and securing your network to a third party.

Therefore, it only makes sense to wonder if you are receiving the grade of service you deserve. You can start by hitting your cloud provider with the right questions:

4 Hard Questions to Ask Your Backup / Disaster Recovery Provider

1. How does your backup provider deal with downtime?

Downtime is a business’s worst nightmare. While the fix is costly, other aspects are at stake — client trust diminishes, and revenue plummets.

Perhaps the most predominant cost of downtime is the halt in operations and productivity. When an IT system disruption occurs, employees can no longer complete their tasks, and business expenses don’t automatically come to a standstill.

Prolonged downtime could shut your entire business down, making it imperative for your backup provider to detect and resolve any system issues before this happens. 

2. Does your backup provider offer industry-specific expertise?

If you get the impression that your IT support’s knowledge of technology is as broad as your own, move on. Another bad sign is when your provider sends the most novice technician to deliver primary and generic services.

In any case, your backup and DR provider should have a stellar understanding of your needs. They should help make your work easier and more effective, whether it’s streamlining tasks or increasing productivity.

They can deliver the best tools and solutions to ensure an excellent return for your investment with all this in mind. Remember: you’re paying for an expert, and the right hire should possess the skills and knowledge that you don’t have.

Does your backup provider offer industry-specific expertise
3. Is your backup provider quick to respond to support requests?

It is essential to learn about your provider’s guaranteed response time and timeliness in handling real-life support calls. Try to ask for testimonials or case studies depicting how they respond to clients’ needs, as well as the results.

Moreover, you should discover their process of receiving, tracking, and following through on these requests. Do they have a support email address? An online ticket system?

Maybe you would prefer if they had a 24/7 Help Desk, like Aegis. Either way, get all the details on how their support requests work because you’ll want to know.

4. Does your backup provider offer strategic consulting?

The main benefit of outsourcing is that you can divert your full attention to your work without worrying about IT. Hence, you should be receiving professional guidance and consultation on the best solutions for your business to ensure lengthy success.

Technology is constantly advancing, and your company must keep up accordingly. Your backup and DR provider should have the capacity to offer the latest innovations and technological applications like the cloud.

Cloud technology allows you to minimise hardware use, increase scalability, and grant access to your data anytime, anywhere. When implemented and supported correctly, your company can go a long way.

As a cloud backup and disaster recovery service provider, Aegis delivers innovation, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to guarantee successful backup and disaster recovery implementation.

Aegis is an industry veteran regarding all cloud backup and disaster recovery needs, providing fully managed services. Find out more about our DR service model equipped with unlimited cloud resources to manage corporate data and IT systems.

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