Key Aegis Features You’ll Need to Beat Ransomware

Key Aegis Features You’ll Need to Beat Ransomware

Ransomware. The bane of all cybersecurity teams’ existence.

To this day, this imminent threat continues to instil headaches, financial losses, and irksome disruptions to business operations. Ransomware is the ultimate devil of all malware, severely unleashing chaos on operations and making it challenging to recover.

Ransomware restricts access to your corporate data, subsequently halting IT operations and all their reliant systems. But of course, there are effective strategies to enforce protection, such as a disaster recovery solution. A DR plan can help organisations recover their data and get them back online as fast as possible to avoid prolonged downtime.

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Key Aegis Features You’ll Need to Beat Ransomware

Aegis is a trusted cloud backup and DR provider that aids organisations in ransomware resilience. With Aegis, businesses can prevent the disastrous ramifications from ransomware attacks with data protection and recover quickly to meet their recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO).

Here are some crucial features that will not only help you recover from an attack but also strengthen your IT systems and backups for early preparation against ransomware:

1. Recover data in a matter of seconds

Aegis’ data protection services utilise cloud hosting and hourly virtual machine (VM) to replicate enterprise data to a secondary site, ensuring data resiliency and safeguarded software. By leveraging cloud computing and unlimited disaster recovery resources, clients can access instant restores for any workloads and reduce the impact of ransomware attacks.

2. Resume operations as soon as possible

When ransomware hits, response time is first on the damage control list. One must act fast to stop the spread of encryption across business networks to avoid further disruptions to applications and data. Aegis provides disaster recovery services in accordance with your RTO and necessary premises, minimising downtime to ensure business continuity. With Aegis 1Price-Any-Technologies (1PAT), we can cater to different RTO or RPO requirements, guaranteeing the workability of the backup solution.

Resume operations as soon as possible
3. Multiple copies of data for recovery

Did you know that ransomware recovery could be more costly than conceding to the ransom? That’s what most hackers rely on when they infect your systems. This dangerous malware is perfectly capable of attacking local backup copies to prevent recovery.

Therefore, with Aegis’ 4-3-2 Backup rule, Aegis provides clients with multiple backup copies locally and remotely to guarantee uncorrupted data for a speedy recovery with minimal data loss. In turn, implementing recovery on any requisite sites is highly doable.

4. Successful and non-disruptive DR testing

Having a solution in place does not mean you’re done for the entirety of your business. After all, how would you be sure that it works and that you’re 100% secured? Hence, Aegis offers complimentary unlimited DR Drills throughout the year, assisted by dedicated DR professionals to guarantee the success of every drill.

Upon completion, Aegis’ DR Drill team provides clients with updated documentation and consultancy for their business IT needs.

5. On-demand scalability for increased demands

As your organisation grows, you will have more digital assets to protect. Simultaneously, you will need increased performance or capacity that usually requires complex infrastructure, added capital expenditures, maintenance and management.

On that note, Aegis enables on-demand flexibility and scalability to replicate and restore corporate data for different systems. With Aegis Fully Managed Service, clients can expect proactive monitoring, managed services and Aegis DR-As-A-Service (DRaaS) for unlimited complimentary DR resources without capital expenditures.

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Final thoughts…

A vital reminder to take away is that ransomware is a threat to every company, regardless of size. Why wait for it to happen to you before deciding it’s time to deploy the right solution for your business? With these robust features from Aegis Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery, you can have the upper hand.

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