Top 3 Major Causes of Endpoint Data Loss

Top 3 Major Causes of Endpoint Data Loss

These days, news of hacking and data theft appear on the regular. Cybercriminals aside, businesses are no strangers to other mishaps that lead to endpoint data loss.

Why do bad things happen to good companies? How can one prevent this?

To understand the shortcuts for data loss prevention, we must first identify the most common causes. Let’s start simple with a significant culprit in which we can all relate:

1. Hardware Failure

As reliable as the internet is, the same can’t always be said for endpoint devices. Unexpected hardware failures can abruptly wipe out all your business data, leaving you with no control. It happens more commonly than you’d think.

So, how can you protect your critical data against inexorable malfunctions? With Aegis Cloud Endpoint Backup (CEB)‘s easy deployment feature, your endpoint data will automatically and silently backup to the Aegis Cloud. If a hardware failure occurs, you can efficiently restore lost data to the same device or a new one.

2. Human Error

It’s bittersweet when you’re the moth to your own flame, but unfortunately, human error is a major cause of data loss. In case you delete a user, whether by accident or not, the deletion is replicated across the network.

Furthermore, let’s say an imposter pretends to be the CEO of a firm and requests classified information from an employee. The innocent employee mistakes this email as authentic and subsequently provides the solicited data. Human error comes in many forms.

Not to worry; because Aegis CEB allows users to create and deploy policies to backup data as frequently as every minute. That way, users can restore their data to the minute before the endpoint data loss occured.


3. Theft

Lastly, data breaches from lost or stolen endpoint devices can put confidential business data at risk. Such unfavourable incidents prevail worldwide, wreaking havoc on daily operational functions.

But what can you do upon discovering that a device is missing? Enter Aegis CEB to save the day once more, with a feature that grants remote data wipe to prevent any data breach. So even if your device falls into the wrong hands, rest assured that your data is safe from immediate danger.

Knowledge is power, and since everything is digital now, data has become the equivalent of this veracious saying. It’s only fair that you do everything in your ability to safeguard this knowledge, not as a secondary priority but as the main objective for business continuity and survival.

Find out about the widespread myths surrounding Endpoint Backup or visit Aegis for our comprehensive services today!

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