Endpoint Backup Saves Businesses

Endpoint Backup Saves Businesses

There is no arguing that endpoint backup saves modern businesses. The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the entire exemplar of work. Successively, the digitalisation of processes has placed a new importance on electronic data.

As the value of digital data grows, businesses must incorporate proper data security in their development strategy—even more so now that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into play. The number of remote employees looms larger than ever, which increases data migration from primary servers to end-user devices.

Traditional data protection solutions can no longer support such infrastructures that are holistic to remote desktops and laptops. In consequence, unsecured endpoints with valuable data will inevitably endanger the continuity of business processes.

Why is endpoint backup so important?

Firstly, companies must realise what information is stored on these endpoint devices and evaluate the data’s actual value. Because more often than not, such documents and applications are impossible to recreate once lost.

In many cases, companies fail to perform regular backups and must face the music when they cannot restore data entirely after a hardware failure or cyberattack. Inadequate backups are unfortunately quite common amongst businesses, either due to device errors or human error. For example, endpoint devices might not complete backups, or backup administrators could miss important alerts and act too late upon server failures.

Traditional solutions known as “Legacy backups” were specifically for predictable physical environments, i.e. servers backup and databases. With this ever-changing IT landscape, it is outdated in the digital age, unable to support infrastructures with endpoint devices.

Even SaaS-based applications are susceptible to failure, prompting service providers to recommend that users back up their data using third-party services. On the other hand, modern endpoint backup solutions are more efficient in securing additional locations, ensuring high scalability, and preventing overload on terminal devices.

Why is endpoint backup so important

What are some elements of a good endpoint backup service?

Enhanced Security

A modern endpoint protection service should employ the highest level of security for your sensitive data. Files should be encrypted on the user’s end before transferring to storage through a secure connection. With Aegis CEB, we ensure military grade encryption of all data in motion and at rest.

Easy Management

User management is vital when it comes to endpoint backup policies. Aegis CEB allows for easy deployment of policies, wherein users can create automated and silent backups to the Aegis Cloud as frequently as every minute. Our centralised management also simplifies IT administration and reduces the burden on IT teams.

Quick & Dependable Restoration

Secure endpoint backup solutions should enable users to restore data quickly without additional IT support, even from remote locations. Although Aegis CEB provides unlimited cloud backup storage, users can employ incremental restores on selected files and devices, whether it is the same device or a new one. Upon misplacement or theft of an endpoint, we leverage device location tracking and enable remote data-wipe during emergencies.

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