Don’t let security concerns hinder your business

Don’t let security concerns hinder your business

As businesses seek more flexible, innovative ways of working many workplaces are using more endpoint devices than ever before. Keeping these devices secure is essential, as each device represents a potential source of entry for security threats.

Remote working is now a permanent arrangement for a growing number of businesses after the Covid-19 pandemic pushed organization of all sizes to move to home working on a wide scale in a very short timeframe.

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Business Security Concern: Is it THE organization's responsibility or user's responsibility to backup endpoints?

Is it organization’s responsibility or user’s responsibility to backup endpoints?

It is a common misconception that many organizations have thinking that it is end user’s responsible to backup endpoint data, but it is not. It is organization’s responsibility to ensure the critical business data is secure and backup. Why it is so important to back it up the endpoint devices? It is because these days, news of human error and data theft appear on the regular. Businesses are no strangers to other mishaps that lead to endpoint data loss. But with Aegis Cloud Endpoint Backup (CEB), organizations can better protect critical data on employee devices, mitigate data loss and data breach, and restore lost data quickly through best-in-class endpoint protection.

Watch the video below to see Aegis Cloud’s host Ai Vee and Carbonite + Webroot’s expert Johann discuss what is endpoint data protection:

After an understanding for endpoint data protection and why it is importance to an organization. It is time to know why we need endpoint backup and what are the common threat that causes the loss of endpoint data.

There are 3 common threats for endpoint backups, which is hardware failure, human error, and theft. How can we prevent this kind of disaster happen? With Aegis Cloud Endpoint Backup (CEB) easy deployment feature, your endpoint data will automatically and silently backup to the Aegis Cloud. it also allows users to create and deploy policies to backup data as frequently as every minute. And with a feature that grants remote data wipe to prevent any data breach.

If you wish to know more, take a look at the common threats for endpoint backup.

Based on the above information, we can foresee that an endpoint backup will become a must-have security for every organization. There is no time for you to think about it, before a bad things happen to your organizations, lets prevent it with Aegis Cloud Endpoint backup (CEB).

“Prevention is better than cure.”

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of why we need endpoint data protection for ensured security:

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