What’s Your Contingency Plan when Endpoint Devices are lost?

What’s Your Contingency Plan when Endpoint Devices are lost

Did you know that 45% of business data resides on endpoint devices that you have no control over? This is the case even more so now that employees have to work remotely. What is your contingency plan to hedge against such high stakes?

Before the pandemic halted all travel, it was a norm for people to carry laptops and tablets on work trips. These endpoint devices might get lost or stolen, especially in airports where we’re most vulnerable due to weariness and other distractions. Simple acts of human error can lead to critical data loss, leak of customer information, significant downtime and subsequent revenue loss.

Needless to say, it could cost your company everything.

With Aegis Cloud Endpoint Backup (CEB), you can eradicate risk by protecting endpoint data from theft, malware and human-induced mistakes.

Are you doing enough?

Some may bring to attention the various ‘Do-It-Yourself’ methods available—external hard drives, USB flash drives, cloud applications—to counter the need for this backup solution. However, these unsecured approaches bring risks such as:

  • Lack of IT visibility into what is backed up
  • Lack of centralised control of data when employees leave the company
  • No way to find data when needed for legal action

Today, remote working has become the new norm for us. Employees demand anywhere, anytime access to data and file-sharing capabilities, making endpoint backup increasingly urgent than ever. Protecting data is becoming more complicated now that it’s spread thin across vast geographic distances and complex network topologies.

So if your contingency plan needs revising, the right time to do it was yesterday.

Aegis CEB

How Aegis CEB comes into play

Luckily, Aegis CEB features global device location tracking that pinpoints where a missing endpoint checked in last. This can help you get the device back before it falls into the hands of someone nefarious.

If you’re unable to retrieve the missing device, we have a solution for you as well. Aegis CEB has a remote data wipe feature that allows the administrator to wipe data from any lost or stolen endpoint. Unauthorised entities will then cease to have any access to sensitive data.

At the end of the day, you can instantly restore critical data onto a new device and sleep soundly knowing your valuable information is safe.

Aside from mitigating data breaches and permanent data loss, employing Aegis CEB provides numerous benefits:

  • Protect data while maximising network and end-user performance
  • Reduce downtime and damage costs
  • One vendor for centralised management to simplify IT administration
  • Minimise risk from ransomware
  • Unlimited cloud backup storage to Aegis Cloud with customised policies for backup frequency

Why wait? Find out more about Aegis Cloud Endpoint Backup as well as our Disaster Recovery services and ensure business success today.

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