Cloud Veeam Backup (CVB)

Aegis CVB is a cloud backup service that fully integrates with Veeam, bundled with complimentary unlimited DR resources.

Aegis CVB provides a fast and secure way to backup and replicate client’s on-premise data to Aegis’ cloud.

Aegis CVB empowers Veeam on-premise clients to leverage on Aegis cloud’s disaster recovery services and privileges. 

Why Aegis CVB?

Low Commitment

1-year subscription only

No CapEx

No capital expenditure for hardware, software, storage, network, etc

Flexibility and Availability

Delivers availability for all types of cloud, virtual and physical workloads


A simple, flexible and reliable backup, recovery and replication of all your applications and data

Aegis CVB Feature

Backup offsite capability

Backup your Veeam to Aegis Cloud with Free Unlimited Disaster Recovery Resources

A taste of simplicity with Aegis Cloud Veeam Backup

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