FREE 3 MONTHS Backup & Disaster Recovery Subscription with COMPLIMENTARY BACKUP & DR APPLIANCE

Aegis Disaster Recovery Starter Pack

The vulnerability of businesses often lies in the lack of disaster recovery planning and data backup protocols. Don’t let your business be included in the statistics of disaster recovery victim.

Aegis empowers your business to prepare, respond and recover in the event of disaster.

The objective of a IT disaster recovery (DR) plan is to ensure that businesses can respond to disasters or other emergencies that affect information systems – and minimize the downtime of  business operations. 

Aegis Cloud has launched an initiative to help businesses produce a cost effective disaster recovery plan. The following are the benefits of Aegis Disaster Recovery Starter Pack:

  • 3 months complimentary Backup + DR subscription
  • Complementary Aegis DR-In-A-Box (DRIB) in customer office
  • Unlimited on site and off site backup + DR support
  • Unlimited assisted DR drills
  • Complimentary customised IT Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) document
  • DR plan ready to go as fast as 2 weeks’ time
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