Have You Started on Your 2021 Disaster Recovery Plan?

Year 2020 has been a rollercoaster of emotions, derived from a series of eventful and uneventful happenings. It has definitely been a time where businesses are glad to have a disaster recovery plan in place. As we have officially kickstarted 2021, let us revisit the resolutions we attempted to achieve before the pandemic disrupted our game plans.

Seeing how easily unforeseen events can wreck our initial goals, it’s probably best for you to work on your IT resolutions, not forgetting Disaster Recovery plans. Hard times are barely behind our rearview mirrors, and who knows what curveball 2021 will throw at us?

So, let this be the year you rally by developing a firm technology plan to protect your future.

Do businesses really need this lecture?

The answer is yes; yes, they do. According to a Wakefield Research survey, 93% of businesses recognise that IT is strategically and operationally critical. Still, only a handful are keeping pace with proper technology planning.

Around 66% of the surveyed businesses are aware that their IT budgeting falls short of what they need. In comparison, 77% of companies with under 100 employees found their IT investments too limited. To top it all off, a third of those surveyed, admitted that less than 10% of strategic planning goes into IT purposes.

Reign in the New Year with your IT budget

Since technology has become the core of operations and the golden ticket for business survival, it’s in your best interests to stipulate a central part of your budget. Subsequently, you should assess and define how IT coincides with your firm’s objectives for a clearer vision of the upcoming year’s demands.

With precise IT budgeting, you can lay a strong foundation for success. The right solutions act as a catalyst for numerous aims, including:

  1. Business growth
  2. Operational effectiveness
  3. Optimal productivity
  4. Collaboration and communication
  5. Downtime from operational challenges

Above all, it helps you stay protected. Sleep soundly knowing your critical servers and data is well-protected, and your 2021 disaster recovery plan is strategised to support business continuity during times of disaster.

What your 2021 technology goals should look like

Once your infallible Technology Plan is in place, you will have these perks to look forward to in a hopefully brighter year:

  • A consolidated business plan, marketing strategy and sales target
  • Simple and more accurate budgeting for IT expenses, i.e. new technology and support
  • Identifiable areas of inefficiency in everyday processes that can be bolstered by the right IT

Plan for a booming year with Aegis DR plan

Despite the intricacies of technology, IT planning isn’t as exasperating as one might think. It all comes down to investing in the right strategic plans to bring your objectives to full fruition.

Aegis’ cloud backup and disaster recovery services offer thorough safeguarding for your critical servers and data. This foolproof Aegis Cloud Disaster Recovery service and Aegis Managed Service can result in many benefits for operations across all industries, such as:

  • Increased productivity
  • Minimised downtime in the face of disruptions
  • Specifically customised security measures
  • Better time management
  • The best possible return on investments (ROI)

Of course, IT strategy isn’t a one-time-done-deal affair. Your DR plan requires ongoing support and guidance. Fortunately, Aegis offers unlimited DR drills so you can test out your DR plan throughout the year.

2021 disaster recovery plan: Plan for a booming year with Aegis DR plan
  1. Aegis 1PAT — Allows you to utilise any backup technologies without investing in multiple backup services to cater to different needs, eliminating incompatibility of current and future systems.
  2. Aegis DRaaS — Complimentary DR drills will be assisted by professionals and made convenient for your office space. Ensure that your company’s future growth is unhindered with unlimited DR resources ready to be utilised upon declaration, and save cost on DR Hardware and Software.
  3. Aegis Managed Service — Pass the torch to us for tasks like operations, maintenance and support of your backup and DR operations. By outsourcing these tasks, your IT personnel can be more productive and efficient in their daily job scopes.

Aegis has over a decade’s worth of Cloud DR experience, guaranteeing successful restore rates. We’re fully committed to easing your burden so that your resolutions don’t falter in the second month! Find out more about our backup and DR solutions and get a head start on your 2021 Disaster Recovery Plan today.

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