Aegis offers 12 months of Aegis Cloud Disaster Recovery (CDR) service for free. 

Malaysia’s most preferred Cloud Disaster Recovery service provider, Aegis is now offering new customers a “1-year free” subscription with the following benefits: 

  • Aegis 1PAT: cloud backup service that license customers to utilise any backup technologies for free
  • Unlimited DR-As-A-Service (DRaaS):unlimited DR resources at DR site
  • Complete Managed Services:100% fully managed service
  • Dual Disaster Recovery (DR) site:Two DR sites with the secondary site complimentary
  • Proactive Monitoring:24/7 monitoring by Aegis systems
  • Unlimited DR Drill in a year,assisted by dedicated DR Drill team
  • DR Seats:an office space equipped with office facilities to facilitate DR Drills or DR declaration 
  • ISO 27001 ISMS:DR policies and processes are strictly governed by ISO 27001 ISMS
  • And more


You can request a customized demo on how Aegis CDR can help your business to simplify data backup and disaster recovery planning.


To find out more about this promotion, kindly contact us via the button below or call us at +60 19-223 7129.

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