Aegis Cloud Disaster Recovery

with COMPLIMENTARY Aegis Cloud Disaster Recovery and Aegis Cloud Endpoint Backup

What is Aegis CDR 12 +12 Promotion?

The Aegis CDR 12 + 12 Program aims to help small & medium sized enterprises or big corporate quickly and easily backup their important corporate data on the cloud. The program provides eligible business with unlimited DR As A Service (DRaaS), Complimentary installation and migration charges.

More Protection

Get your endpoint protected with complimentary Aegis CEB

More Responsive

24/7 call support centre for DR declaration

More Proactive

Enjoy free installation and data migration

More Supportive

Ensure successful backup/restore of data to cloud with no extra charge

Unmatched Enterprise Cloud Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup

Sign up now . Protect your business data into the Cloud

What Is Inclusive in This Promotion?

Aegis Cloud DR (hosted at Aegis Cyberjaya & Kuala Lumpur)

Aegis CDR has a specially designed Cloud infrastructure for scalable backend and front-end architectures. This is essential and critical for keeping complexity, capital expenditures and operating expenditures down while maintaining manageability and admin productivity up.

Being able to increase performance or capacity “on-demand” is fundamental to Aegis CDR and is advantageous as your company grows and has increased demands.

Aegis Dedicated DR (hosted at customer's DR premise)

Aegis CDR designed its Dedicated Disaster Recovery infrastructure to provide a ZERO INVESTMENT subscription plan to clients opting for Private Cloud. Traditionally, Dedicated DR clients were forced to invest a hefty sum on building the infrastructure of Disaster Recovery at a secondary site and purchasing software application licenses for Disaster Recovery site.

With Aegis Dedicated Disaster Recovery service, clients get to enjoy all the benefits that Aegis CDR provides, with NO CAPEX model.

Free unlimited cloud DR resources

  • Unlimited DR VM
  • Unlimited DR vCPU and vRAM
  • Unlimited DR Security
  • Unlimited DR Bandwidth
  • Unlimited DR Drill
  • Unlimited DR-In-A-Box (DRIB)
  • Unlimited Aegis Managed Service

Complimentary DR Seats

We provide up to 30 complimentary DR seats, hosted in Empire Tower.

Dedicated Aegis DR Drill Team

Aegis has a dedicated DR drill team to assist clients with their DR drill needs. It is recommended that DR drills be performed at least once a year. With our service, clients can perform unlimited DR drills in a year. Our DR Drill Team will assist clients with all DR drills.

Complementary installation and migration charge

No hidden cost of installation and data migration. 

Complimentary Aegis Cloud Endpoint Backup (CEB)

Aegis CEB is a comprehensive data protection for business. It is an automatic backup solution for all your endpoint devices (desktops and laptops) and the data that resides on them. 

Protecting data from human error, malware and theft has become crucial when businesses are having distributed workforce and practising remote working.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Aegis Cloud Disaster Recovery Advantage

Dual DR Site

Two DR sites with the secondary site complimentary

Complete Managed Services

100% fully managed service, which includes patch management, DR declaration, on-demand backup, restore and replicate

Proactive Monitoring

24/7 monitoring by Aegis systems

Responsive Call Centre

24/7 Aegis Cloud Disaster Recovery Call Support Centre for any issues or enquiries

Unlimited DR Drill in a Year

Unlimited Drills with the assistance of dedicated Aegis DR drill team. After completion of DR drill, Aegis DR drill team will provide clients with an updated DR drill documentation

Dedicated DR Drill Team

Dedicated DR drill personnel to assist in DR drills

Complimentary Unlimited Cloud DRaaS Resources

Free DR VM, DR vCPU, DR vRAM, DR Security, DRIB, DR drills, DR bandwidth and managed services

Health Check

We will  perform complementary yearly on-site health check. After completion of the health check, Aegis DR team will provide a report to clients

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